Relax poolside at Wild Waves
Fun for the Little Ones at Wiggle Waves
Get a Birds-Eye View at The Boardwalk
Splash down at Twister
Cool Down at the Fun Dunker
Big Beach Aquatic Adventure
Pair Up at Typhoon
Float Away at Wild Waves
Enjoy the Beautiful Lakeside Views
Volleyball at Sunset Cove

LanierWorld Rules & Regulations

Please review the list below:

  • No outside food, beverage or coolers are allowed. Special exceptions will be made for people with medical dietary needs and baby food (no glass containers). However, guests may exit the park gates and re-enter, hand stamp required for reentry. No glass, sharp knives or other sharp devices or utensils allowed.
  • Guests may only consume alcohol that is purchased from an Islands/LanierWorld facility, and only while they remain on Islands premises. Guests will not be allowed to bring their own alcohol onto Islands premises (including the beach), nor is alcohol allowed to be removed from Islands premises. Alcoholic beverages will be served and allowed in Big Beach area after 5 PM daily. Alcohol is prohibited in Family Fun Park area at all times.
  • All bags, purses and similar containers are subject to inspection prior to entering.
  • Actions, language, behavior or conduct that interferes with a family atmosphere will result in the ejection of the offending person without refund or any other compensation. This includes, but is not limited to: offensive clothing, profanity, vulgar gestures, running, spitting, fighting and line breaking. This behavior can also result in loss of season pass privileges.
  • Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. All other areas are considered Smoke Free.
  • Diaper age children MUST wear swim diapers. Cloth and regular disposable diapers are NOT allowed in any pool. Please do not change diapers on pool decks.
  • Pets are allowed in limited areas of the Islands premises, but are not allowed around food service areas, or on the beach. Service dogs for the disabled are excluded.
  • Boaters will not be allowed to place anchors on the beach. Houseboats will not be allowed on any Islands beach or at any Islands dock, unless prior approval has been obtained from Islands Management.