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BackPack Kid Takes LanierWorld

Do the 'Russell'!

His dance moves have been called ‘phenomenal’, ‘dazzling’, ‘bizarre’, ‘robotic’, and ‘hilarious’ by many. While a single description is not easy to pin down, what’s guaranteed is Russell ‘Backpack Kid’ Horning will be entertaining us at LanierWorld Tuesday, August 1.

Prior to his SNL (Saturday Night Live) appearance alongside Katy Perry, Russell – a Lawrenceville, Georgia –  became an online sensation after pop star, Rihanna,  posted a video of him dancing on her Instagram page. His signature dance move dubbed ‘The Russell’ or ‘Flossing’ made him a national sensation when performed with Katy Perry.

While he enjoys entertaining crowds of adoring fans, Russell is humble of his talents and hopes his dancing and exposure achieves a greater purpose. His Instagram page states, “I can’t dance”, and “ending racism”; which he explained in a USA Today interview as, “ I dance with lots of Black people and haters shun me for it when it's making the world a better place.  And I can't dance, I just do my moves for comedy, to make people laugh.”

Join us as we give the Backpack Kid an Islands’ Nation welcome!

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Location: LanierWorld
Date: Tuesday, August 1
Time: 12 noon - 3 p.m.