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Bring Your Own Technology Week

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Bring Your Own Technology Week

Bring Your Own Technology Week

From Monday, June 2, 2014 to Sunday, June 8, 2014 June 2, 2014 June 8, 2014 Lanier Islands

BYOT "Bring Your Own Technology" Week at LanierWorld
Monday, June 2nd - Sunday, June 8th
10 am - close everyday

DONATE a used smart device (iPhone, iTouch, Kindle Droid, etc.) and get into LanierWorld for FREE!
OR receive $5 0FF of LanierWorld daily admission price with BYOT coupon.

Get your coupon now!

About the Benefit:
The Forsyth BYOT Benefit has started its second successful year of supporting the children and the BYOT technology initiative in the Forsyth County Schools. In our first year, 2013, we were able to deliver almost $30,000 to the schools and the county has already purchased 80 Kajeet SmartSpots that will allow that many families to have internet in their homes where it was previously missing.

In 2014, we have set our sights on a loftier goal and believe that the generous residents and companies of Forsyth County will again see their way to assist us in this endeavor. We invite you to check out this website, see what we have done, and decide if you’d like to be a part of this very important effort.

For more information about the Forsyth BYOT Benefit, click here.

Does my smart device have to work? NO. We will take any “smart” devices.
Are the devices getting donated to a charity? YES. They are being donated to a charity, the Forsyth BYOT Benefit.
Are they getting recycled? They will be recycled, to be used by a deserving student in Forsyth County.
What happens to all of my information on the used device? Each donated device will be electronically scrubbed of all info before it's used.
Do I have to bring the chargers/accessories? NO, but please bring them if you can find them.